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​Ross A. Rice

Master of Fine Arts, Recording Arts and Technologies

College and University Teaching Certificate


Bachelor of Music, Composition


Presently: LECTURER at


Sound Recording and Production, Songwriting Workshop


As the field of recording arts and technologies regularly witnesses startling new improvements and innovations, students at the college level can benefit greatly from professors who have consistently navigated the numerous paradigm shifts over time. I bring the experience of over two decades as a professional musician, songwriter/composer, producer, and engineer to the classroom, as well as a deep and abiding interest in the history, present state, and future of music and audio recording. My teaching philosophy is simple: to teach all of my students as if any one of them could change everything and make sure they have the tools to do exactly that.


Presented here are works selected primarily from my MFA Portfolio, along with examples of recent professional projects and performances. Additional music production information is available on request.



VICTORIA BIGELOW "Low": Upstate New York-based singer/songwriter with wisdom beyond her years, with this song making waves on Sirius Radio XM charts earning a remix by David Leonard (Prince, Indigo Girls). Recorded by Gleb Iarovoi. Guitar and vocals by Victoria. Produced, Mixed, Instruments by Ross Rice, April 2018.

Low - Victoria Bigelow
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ROSS RICE "Noises and Tones": Music derived solely from the waveforms and noise of the ProTools Signal Generator, utilizing the DAW as a modular synthesizer. Useful as a class demonstration in source limitations and musical effect usage. Performed, Recorded, and Mixed by Ross Rice in November 2016.

Noises and Tones - Ross Rice
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DAVID MEAD "Long Dark Path": Seasoned Nashville-based veteran who's stayed busy since his RCA debut in 1998 ("Girl On the Roof"), presently fronting Elle Macho and Guilty Pleasures. Strings by Chris Carmichael, Bass by Jon Wires, Guitar and Vocals by David, Produced, Percussion, Mixed by Ross Rice.

Long Dark Path - David Mead
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ROSS RICE "The Secret Code": String quartet inspired by poem by St. Petersburg Florida Poet Laureate Peter Meinke. Violin: Susan Mullin, Peter Hyrka; Viola: Linda Davis, Cello: Gary Tussing. A fugue study with a major nod to J. S. Bach, who is featured prominently in the poem text. Recorded 2016 by Brett Nelson at Sound Shelter, Nashville.

The Secret Code - Ross Rice
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ROSS RICE "Piano Study": A combination of created piano samples, including bowing, along with performance on a Shigeru Kawai piano. Useful demonstration in microphone technique and sample manipulation. Performed, Recorded, and Mixed by Ross Rice, in 5.1 format, April 2017. Downmixed mp3 provided here.

Piano Study - Ross Rice
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REEVES GABRELS AND HIS IMAGINARY FRIENDS "Zero Effect": Renowned guitarist for David Bowie and The Cure (presently) with his power trio live in the studio, with minimal overdubs. Recorded by Mike Bevers, Guitar and vocals by Reeves, Drums/vocals by Marc Pisapia, Bass/vocals by Kevin Hornback, Produced and Mixed by Ross Rice.

Zero Effect - Reeves Gabrels and His Imaginary Friends
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CRACKERBOOTS "Things We Don't Know": Nashville-based intimate chanteuse jazz combo featuring singer Luella Wood, guitarist Bill DeMain, bassist Cameron Carrus, drummer Dave Harrison, and woodwind man Jim Hoke. Recorded live with no overdubs by Mike Bevers, Produced, Piano, Mixed by Ross Rice.

Things We Don't Know - Crackerboots
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If you are a Mac user--my apologies PC person!--please click on the big red button below to download our 3D interactive audio version of "The Garden of Earthly Delights" (seen below) by Hieronymous Bosch. Once downloaded, the 131 MB zip file appears as an application icon titled "The Garden of Immersive Delights V1.1." Double-click on the icon, set the resolution, hit "Play," then "Deny" for the internet query. Wear headphones and use Command Keys to navigate around the surface of the painting!

COMMAND KEYS- Q=Up, E=Down, A=Left, D=Right, W=Forward, S=Back, Trackpad/Mouse=Yaw + Pitch, Esc=Quit

Built by Gleb Iarovoi and Ross Rice using ProTools, Reaper, Blender, Unity, and Wwise

This video explores the contrast between Memphis and Nashville, two American cities that had an enormous impact on popular music worldwide. Though a mere 200 miles separate the two Tennessee cities, both possess  distinct recording cultures that sometime seem like worlds apart. Directed and shot by Ross Rice, 2019.


HUMAN RADIO "Me & Elvis"- Directed by Alex Winter and Tom Stern with Propaganda Films, for Columbia Records, 1990. Keyboards, Lead Singer, Songwriter: Ross Rice. Shot in Memphis, Tennessee.

MELLOTRON VARIATIONS with NEW BALLET SCHOOL- Performance at Crosstown Arts, Memphis, in April 2018. Video by Justin Thompson. My participation starts at the 28:46 mark.

TRIBUTE TO EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE, featuring BRIAN NATHAN "September"- Promotional video for Middle Tennessee State University, June 2018. Directed and Edited by Ross Rice, plus keyboards and vocals.

THE LONG PLAYERS featuring PAT SANSONE "Life On Mars"- Directed by Steve Boyle. The Long Players have been performing iconic records in entirety with guest singers (some famous) in Nashville for over fourteen years, and are still going strong. I have been a member since 2014. This was from a sold-out show at 3rd and Lindsley, Nashville, in 2018.

Ross Rice Videos
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Human Radio - Me & Elvis

Human Radio - Me & Elvis

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CROSSTOWN ARTS PRESENTS: Mellotron Variations Pt. 1

CROSSTOWN ARTS PRESENTS: Mellotron Variations Pt. 1

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September - Tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire

September - Tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire

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THE LONG PLAYERS feat. PAT SANSONE Life On Mars (2018)

THE LONG PLAYERS feat. PAT SANSONE Life On Mars (2018)

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